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3 individuals win 'Cuiheng Innovation Contribution Awards'
Updated: 2022-12-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The winner list of the "Cuiheng Innovation Contribution Award" has been unveiled. Dr Du Zhibo, R&D director of Zhongshan Wanhan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd; Zhao Yong, chairman, general manager and R&D director of Zhongshan XSTO Co Ltd; and Hu Zhaoxiang, product director of XSTO were on the list.

The award recognizes individuals who have won sci-tech awards and innovation & entrepreneurship competition awards at the provincial level or above, more than three domestic invention patents, more than one international invention patent, second prizes of provincial skills competition awards, or awards in architecture, design, culture and other categories at the provincial level or above.

Cuiheng New District is currently implementing the talent-oriented development strategy by constantly optimizing the environment for talent development and the ecology of innovation and entrepreneurship and attracting more talented people to join the high-quality development of the district with more proactive, open and effective policies.

To date, Cuiheng New District has introduced nearly 200 talented persons with senior titles and PhD degrees or above, as well as more than 700 with associate senior titles and master's degrees. There are 8 post-doctoral work platforms, 5 doctoral workstations and 8 municipal innovation teams in the district.

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