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First Internet marketer test held in Zhongshan
Updated: 2022-12-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On December 25, Professional Skills Level Certification "One Test for Two Certificates" Program (Guangdong) OMC & Internet Marketer Test started at Zhongshan Yijin Vocational Training School.

The test is divided into two categories: streaming marketer and video promoter, and each category has two parts: theory test and practice. In the practice part, the live-streaming marketer category tests candidates' capabilities of product mix, selling product extracting and streaming control; the video promoter category tests candidates' capabilities of content creation, operation, filming and editing. The theory part tests candidates' from the aspects of professional ethics, laws and regulations, and the knowledge of live-streaming.

Zhongshan was the third in Guangdong to introduce the test. This year's test attracted nearly 40 candidates from across the city. Each candidate qualified through the test may obtain a vocational skill level certificate recognized by both the human resources and social security authorities and the industry, and may enjoy subsidies from the government.

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