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Star rating for Cantonese cuisine chefs starts
Updated: 2022-12-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


On December 25, the Guangdong (Zhongshan) "Cantonese Cuisine Chefs" Skills Demonstration and Explanation 2022 activity was held at Zhongshan Modern Vocational Technical School, attracting nearly 70 Cantonese cuisine chefs from across Zhongshan.

The participants cooked dishes on site, and they were assessed by the jury in terms of industry reputation, cooking skills and cuisine heritage and innovation and given a score.

This year, 44 participants would be rated as one-star "Cantonese Cuisine Chefs", 22 as two-star "Cantonese Cuisine Chefs", and 11 as three-star "Cantonese Cuisine Chefs".

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