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GZOCH, TDZH team up to build a brain center
Updated: 2019-07-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (aka Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, GZOCH) and the Torch Development Zone Hospital (TDZH) unveiled the brain center on July 25.

Cooperation between both hospitals was based on their neurosurgery and neurology departments. The diagnosis and treatment mode combining multiple disciplines is adopted to treat patients suffering from neurosurgical and neurological diseases. The center is a combination of one-stop outpatient service, one-stop green channel for acute emergency, specialized disease outpatient department, platform for diagnosis and treatment of incurable disease, academic exchange platform, and basic research laboratory.

The brain center in TDZH opened on June 1. GZOCH sent an expert team to take part in the discipline construction, scientific and technology research and medical management of TDZH.

There are currently 14 doctors in the center who have completed more than ten surgeries. Zhongshan citizens can now receive diagnosis and treatment from provincial-level medical experts not far from their homes.

Cerebrovascular diseases have seen an increasing incidence rate in recent years and become the first threat to community health.

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