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COVID-19 vaccination for aged 12-17 to start late July
Updated: 2021-07-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Information Office of the Zhongshan People's Government on July 24 held the 78th press conference on epidemic prevention and control to announce the results of city-wide nucleic acid testing, introduce the next stage of prevention and control measures, and respond to concerns on the topics of nucleic acid testing and COVID-19 vaccination for all residents.

Zhongshan carried out city-wide nucleic acid testing on July 23. As of 11 am on July 24, a total of 5,463,700 samples had been collected and the results were all negative.

After the successful COVID-19 vaccination of residents over 18 years old, Zhongshan will further expand its scope and vaccinate residents aged 12-17 step by step from late July to September.

So far, over 3.23 million people have been vaccinated with 5.23 million doses in Zhongshan.

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