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Shenwan sets up its first medical service community alliance
Updated: 2021-09-07    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

"I didn't expect I could get expert medical services for only 10 yuan. It is so great!" After 2 months of planning and preparation, the first service station of the Shenwan Medical Service Community Alliance (SMSCA) was set up at Guyou Village Community Health Service Station on the morning of September 1. Over 30 villagers experienced the high-level medical services.

From now on, Shenwan Hospital will dispatch skilled staff and experts in surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology and traditional Chinese medicine to Guyou Community Health Service Station every day to offer medical examination services such as ultrasound testing and EKG as well as to set up renowned doctor studios.

By the end of November this year, Shenwan will establish another 4 community-based SMSCA service stations, aiming to provide access to advanced medical services from general hospitals for residents.

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