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ZSPH to open new Branch in original Changjiang Driving Test Center
Updated: 2022-04-22    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Guo Wenhai, secretary of the CPC Zhongshan Municipal Committee, presided over a regular Standing Committee meeting on April 20 to review the Site Selection Request of the New Branch of Zhongshan People's Hospital. The site was decided to be the original Changjiang Driving Test Center in East District.

"People's hospital serves all people. Therefore, the best location must be set aside to provide health and medical services for the people of Zhongshan." Guo pointed out several advantages of the new site:

First, its superior location has convenient transportation, providing services not only for people living in downtown area, but also for the people of the whole city;

Second, it is adjacent to Wuguishan Mountain and has a relatively high altitude, providing high quality oxygen and a good place for recuperation and rehabilitation;

Third, it is close to the main hospital, so communication and interaction between the two hospitals remains convenient;

Fourth, thanks to clear land ownership the construction process is expedient.

Guo stressed that efforts of all people should be put in promoting the construction of the new hospital branch.

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