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Zhongshan Tips EP1. How do foreigners call emergency services in ZS?
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It is inevitable that you may suffer physical discomfort in daily lives. In case of a situation that requires first-aid, Zhongshan's comprehensive emergency response system can help to protect the lives and health of both Chinese and foreign residents.

Zhongshan Emergency Center is based in Zhongshan People's Hospital and develops an integrated treatment system of pre-hospital administered first aid, in-hospital rescue, ICU, and comprehensive ward treatment. It coordinates 119 ambulances across the city, receives more than 800 emergency calls per day, and dispatches ambulances about 250 times per day including for first aid and transfer.

Generally speaking, after receiving the instructions, the ambulances will set off within about 3 minutes. They will arrive on site within about 10 munites in downtown areas and about 15 minutes in the townships.

Tips for calling 120 emergency services

1. At present, foreign language service is not available for calling 120 in Zhongshan. In that case, try to ask a friend who can speak Chinese to help you make the call.

2. Try to express your location explicitly. It's better to tell the landmark buildings nearby. Rember to speak slowly and clearly, not only to describe your location but also your symptoms. Remember to leave your telephone number as well.

3. Please DON'T hang up when the line is busy, because if you do so you have to go to the back of the queue.

4. If your call is accepted, it is suggested that at least one of your family members or friends should wait for the ambulance in a convenient location.

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