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Notice on nucleic acid testing in Zhongshan
Updated: 2022-07-05    Source: Zhongshan Release Large Medium Small Print

Currently, the domestic COVID situation appears stable. In order to balance epidemic control and economic and social development, and further make prevention measures more scientific, precise and targeted, the relevant matters are announced as follows.

I. From July 4, Zhongshan will continue to provide free nucleic acid testing service for the following people:

1. All people who are required to be tested according to epidemic prevention and control measures.

2. People coming or returning from other provinces or Guangdong cities affected by the epidemic may receive free tests at designated medical institutions and sampling sites with their travel history cards.

3. Particular groups that are required to have nucleic acid tests by the Zhongshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters Office.

II. Except for the above groups, people who need to have a nucleic acid test can be tested at their own expense at any testing site. The self-paid price for individual sampling and testing shall not exceed 16 yuan per person, and the self-paid price for mixed testing shall not exceed 5 yuan per person.

III. Reminders

1. People must wear masks, keep a distance of 1 meter from others, and should not converse or closely gather with each other during the entire testing process.

2. People who have received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours should not take a nucleic acid test.

3. People who are required to be tested need to present their electronic credentials or certificates issued by competent authorities to receive free tests at testing sites or join testing organized by the authorities.

4. For those who have a fever or other COVID-19-related symptoms during nucleic acid testing, they should visit a fever clinic in a timely manner for treatment.

Appendix 1

Types of groups who are required to be tested:

1. Close contacts, close contacts of close contacts, and general contacts

2. Inbound travelers

3. Fever clinic patients

4. Inpatients and accompanying members

5. Staff working at medical institutions (including administrative personnel and logistic staff)

6. Prevention and control workers involved in on-site COVID-19 treatment

7. Staff in quarantine sites 

8. Members of epidemic prevention and control teams in communities (community workers, police officers and medical workers)

9. People to undergo health monitoring

10. People with yellow health codes

11. Port customs personnel and border inspectors (including service personnel)

12. Workers of imported cold-chain food sector and market supervision institution workers

13. Employees who have direct contact with the luggage of inbound passengers

14. Postal express employees who have direct contact with express mail

15. Workers at international ports and Hong Kong and Macao ports

16. Employees working in ports and in transportation-related industries

17. Family members of staff in port cities who are subject to testing

18. Fishery workers

19. Staff and service personnel (supervisors) in designated places 

20. Regular sampling and testing personnel

21. Other personnel as determined by the Zhongshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters

Appendix 2

Payment process for self-paid tests:

1. Present your Guangdong Health Code and measure body temperature.

2. Scan the code for payment, and then show the payment receipt to the staff (if invoices are required, please ask the staff on site for assistance and follow their guidance for specific instructions).

3. Scan the "Yuehesuan (粤核酸)" WeChat applet code and fill in your personal information, then show the code for registration.

4. Line up and receive the sampling.

5. Refer to the guide on site for specific procedures.

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