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Vaccination service schedule changes
Updated: 2022-08-25    Source: HiZhongshan Large Medium Small Print

Weekly schedule of expat vaccination service

Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Closed: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Service Hours: 8:00-11:30 am and 2:00-4:30 pm


4th Floor, outpatient building of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone People's Hospital, No.123 Yixian Road (逸仙路), Torch Development Zone


The first and second shots for people aged 3 and above, and the third shot for people aged 18 and above do not need a prior appointment.

Other mobile vaccination sites will be temporarily closed until further notice.


1. Vaccination for people with a YELLOW or RED health code is suspended.

2. To enter the vaccination site, please follow the latest requirements for outpatient medical treatment of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone People's Hospital (refer to the hospital's Wechat account).

3. People aged 3-17 and over 75 must be accompanied by a guardian or family member.

4. Children aged 3-11 need to download Yue Miao (粤苗) APP and complete registration, and bring their vaccination certificates.

5. Those whose interval between the third and the second shots is less than 180 days are not eligible for vaccination.

6. Those who need PCR testing should be tested first before being vaccinated, and they are not advised to take PCR test within 48 hours after vaccination.

7. The third (booster) shot is not available for people aged under 18.

Any adjustment will be further noticed


28152300 (available at working hours)

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