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ZSLA launches public welfare video legal lectures
Updated: 2020-04-07    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

It is learned from Zhongshan Lawyers Association (ZSLA) on April 2 that it launched the "Zhongshan Lawyers' Public Welfare Legal Lectures" activity and will release a series of videos, through which lawyers act like "live streaming anchors" and deliver useful knowledge to the public.

These special theme videos, categorized by three sub-topics, focus on legal issues of enterprise management, grass-roots governance, people's livelihood, as well as hot issues such as marriage and family affairs, and caring for vulnerable groups.

At present, the first video is in the editing phase, and will be released through various platforms in Zhongshan after being finished.

In addition, the ZSLA has set aside a "Legal Publicity Team", which will join hands with local village (community) legal advisers to carry out law popularization and interpretation activities in order to enhance the effectiveness of the legal understanding relating to epidemic prevention and control.

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