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Special window opened for talent to apply housing loans
Updated: 2020-06-03    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan Housing Fund Management Center recently opened a special loan service window for talented people at the A101 window of the Zhongshan Public Service Center.

The special window accepts loans involving housing provident fund for talented people. Borrowers can go to the special window with their talented people certification materials for loans qualification certification. The staff of the special window register, process, follow-up, submit, and transfer these materials, providing "housekeeping style", efficiency and convenient services for loans for talented people.

In addition, each entrusted bank has opened a green channel. When handling provident fund loan business for talented people, they assign special personnel to follow up the service and give priority to reviewing the provident fund loan materials for talented people to ensure a smooth loan process.

At present, Zhongshan has stepped up its policy support for housing provident fund loans for talented people, offering preferential loan quotas to eligible talented people who are applying for provident fund loans for the purchase of their first self-occupied housing. Specifically, talented people from level one to six can obtain a loan amount of 5 times higher, with a maximum loan amount of 2.4 million yuan (the maximum loan amount for ordinary employees is only 400,000 yuan).

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