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Veterans join in volunteer team
Updated: 2020-06-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Service Hall for Retired Soldiers in South District, located on the first floor of the Party Mass Service Building of South District Public Welfare Park, was officially put into use on June 8. The service hall has undertaken transactional work such as policy publicity, information management, employment and entrepreneurship guidance, reception of complaint letters and requests, and legal aid and assistance for retired soldiers in South District.

On the same day, the South District Veterans Volunteer Service Team was formed. Among the first 38 members, 4 are from key entitled groups over 60 years old and 34 are young veterans aged from 25 to 40. In the future, by organizing skill training and planning special voluntary service projects, they are volunteering to do small practical things and making contributions to developing South District into a more civilized place.

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