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Free environmental check-ups for major polluting enterprises
Updated: 2021-07-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


"Since the beginning of this year, we have provided environmental check-up service for 7 enterprises." On July 8, the environmental evaluation group of the Zhongshan Bureau of Ecology and Environment that is composed of skilled staff and industry experts went to Zhongshan Jiashun Environmental Protection Service Co Ltd to conduct on-site evaluation of environmental protection procedures, environmental management and pollution prevention to help the enterprise improve its environmental management.

Currently, Zhongshan has 5 environmental protection enterprises which provide sewage treatment services for small and scattered companies, with a daily treatment capacity of 3,000 tons.

The evaluation group hoped that Jiashun can expand the scope of its sewage collection and utilize its spare treatment capacity to facilitate the production and dispose of more production waste. The evaluation group also suggested Jiashun to further refine sewage collection records to support sewage treatment monitoring.

In 2021, the evaluation group plans to provide free environmental check-ups for 15 major polluting enterprises in Zhongshan.

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