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13 trademark guidance stations set up across Zhongshan
Updated: 2022-05-11    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


"Going around to handle business only took me a bit more than an hour, which saved me time and trouble." On May 6, Mr Gao, head of the administrative department of Zhongshan Balin Lighting Co Ltd, who came to change the company's trademark at the trademark service window of Zhongshan (Lighting) IPR Protection Center in Guzhen Town, praised the trademark services in Zhongshan.

Just before the New Year's Day of 2021, the trademark guidance station in Guzhen Town was unveiled. The service hall has seven service windows covering trademark services, copyright registration, patent application pre-examination, rapid rights protection, customs protection and other aspects related to intellectual property rights.

At present, 13 trademark guidance stations have been set up in towns and districts, and 24 service items such as trademark application and policy consultation are now available at these town-level stations, enabling enterprises to handle trademark-related businesses near their doorstep. 

As of the end of March 2022, Zhongshan owns 247,000 valid registered trademarks, ranking sixth in Guangdong province.

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