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More trains added to Zhongshan Station
Updated: 2022-10-24    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

From October 21 on, railway Zhongshan Station adds two bullet trains, including D4908/5 (Liuzhou-Zhuhai) and D4906 (Zhuhai-Guilin North).

The D4908/5 train from Liuzhou to Zhuhai departs from Liuzhou Station at 12:21, stops at Yongfu South, Guilin, Guilin North, Gongcheng, Hezhou, Guangning, Foshan West, Guangzhou South stations, and arrives at Zhongshan Station at 17:19, taking about 5 hours.

The D4906 train from Zhuhai to Guilin North departs from Zhuhai Station, arrives at Zhongshan Station at 19:33 and leaves at 19:36, stops at Guangzhou South, Foshan West, Zhaoqing East and Huaiji stations, and finally arrives at Guilin North Station. 

"The previous D2368 train from Zhongshan to Guilin North has stopped service earlier. The D4906 train enables direct travel from Zhongshan Station to Guilin North Station", said a staff member of Zhongshan Station.

It is worth noting that the two additional trains are in temporary run for one month until November 20.

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