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6 'Quality-assured Meat & Vegetable Supermarkets' in ZS
Updated: 2023-02-22    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Zhongshan Administration for Market Regulation has been actively fostering "Quality-assured Meat & Vegetable Supermarkets", and so far six of this kind including the Vanguard supermarket have emerged.

In Vanguard supermarket, the agricultural and sideline products area is on the second floor, where vegetables, fruits, chilled food, meat, aquatic products and others were placed in order, with clear signs set up for the convenience of customers.

Other "Quality-assured Meat & Vegetable Supermarkets" include AEON supermarkets at Tanzhou URcity and Zhongshan Huafa Plaza, Rainbow supermarket at Skyline International Plaza, Metro supermarket in West District, and Vanguard supermarket at Lihe Plaza.

"Quality-assured Meat & Vegetable Supermarkets" refer to supermarkets that have operated under sound quality safety management and advanced procurement modes, strengthened sales process management, risk control mechanisms and advanced standards, and have disclosed the quality information of meat and vegetables and set up counters for quality meat and vegetables. Customers feel at ease and assured in these supermarkets.

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