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Over 10,000 apply for residence permits in Zhongshan per month
Updated: 2019-12-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Starting October 8, the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau officially took over the responsibility of issuing residence registration and residence permits for the floating population originally belonging to the Zhongshan Floating Population Management Office. By December 23, a total of 30,963 people had applied for residence permits in Zhongshan City.

At present, residence permit business can be handled both online and offline. For online handling, citizens can operate according to prompts through WeChat's "Yue Sheng Shi" applet; For offline handling, the administrative service counters of Zhongshan public security departments have 43 service sites, and 34 (villages) communities have also set up convenient collection sites.

In addition, the floating population should pay attention to four changes:

(1) Changes in business handling venues. Business handling venues changed from the previous township floating population management offices (floating population management centers and stations) to counters at township public security sub-bureaus (administrative service centers) and some police stations. Qualified township and village neighborhood committees can still retain the previous function of collecting relevant materials.

(2) Change of payment method. Starting November 18, the payment method will be changed to online QR code scanning for provincial-level non-taxable income. No fee will be charged for applying for residence permit the first time. The cost of replacement and renewal of residence permits is 20 yuan each. There will be no fee for endorsement.

(3) Change of handling system. Now Guangdong Provincial Unified Floating Population Management Platform serves as the handling system.

(4) Change of "Yue Sheng Shi" data source. At present, the Guangdong provincial floating population platform is directly connected to the "Yue Sheng Shi" applet system, and the residence permit can be completed within 10 working days.

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