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Zhongshan resumes handling of tourist visas to Macao
Updated: 2020-08-28    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Starting from August 26, the exit-entry administrative departments of public security organs in Guangdong Province, including Zhongshan, officially resumed handling tourist visas for residents of the whole province to Macao.

The exit and entry administration department of Zhongshan will accept applications from residents with registered permanent residence in Guangdong Province and holders of valid residence permits issued by Zhongshan City. At this stage, residents from other provinces who meet the national general office team's travel endorsement application requirements but do not hold a valid residence permit issued by Zhongshan cannot apply for a travel visa.

For those who live in the middle to high-risk epidemic areas and those who have been to these areas within 14 days of their application, their application for exit-entry certificates and visas will not be accepted.

Eligible applicants can currently only apply for travel visas to Macao through the exit-entry manual service windows, and the Self-service Accreditation Hall is temporarily closed. At present, the exit-entry acceptance points in 24 towns and districts can handle applications.

Applicants who go to exit-entry acceptance locations in these 24 towns and districts to apply for permits can make an appointment on the "Immigration Office" Wechat applet , while applicants who go to the Exit-Entry Hall of the Zhongshan Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for permits can make an appointment on the "Immigration Bureau" and "Yue Sheng Shi" applets. For more information, please call 0760-12345.

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