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Xiaolan wins future through high-quality development
Updated: 2023-04-04    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Whether from the timetable for the opening of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge or from the historical stage when the GDP is about to top 50 billion yuan, 2023 is of far-reaching and extraordinary significance to Xiaolan.

The past three months have seen the rapid development of Xiaolan. From the first meeting after the Chinese New Year that set the goal of making breakthroughs, to the high-quality development conference that made clear the development direction, from the release of the Strategy on the High-quality Development of Xiaolan that attracted nationwide media attention, to one breakthrough after another in the investment promotion conference for high-quality development; from the constant intensification of enterprise service and economic development, to the return of Xiaolan merchants with major projects… Xiaolan is forging towards the goal of high-quality development, starting at full speed with new posture, bringing the government and enterprises together, and striving for breakthroughs to create a win-win future.

Xiaolan is at a new starting point. Xiaolan has set 2023 as a year of breakthrough. At the Xiaolan 2023 Conference on Achieving Breakthroughs and Winning Critical Battles, Zhao Xixiong, Party Secretary of Xiaolan, said Xiaolan would make extraordinary efforts to promote economic development, spare no efforts to conduct general planning, build great platforms, implement major projects, develop key industries, optimize the overall environment and improve the people's well-being, and win the five critical battles: economy stabilizing, "industrial park renovation", water treatment, cultural creation, and the rectification of illegal appropriation of land and illegal construction, in an accelerated effort to develop Xiaolan into a brilliant pearl in the Greater Bay Area.

Xiaolan has made clear its new role. The Strategy on the High-quality Development of Xiaolan, initiated by Xiaolan's entrepreneurs and mapped out by a renowned domestic think tank, has been released officially, unfolding a new blueprint for Xiaolan as an exquisite and elegant city of chrysanthemum.

Xiaolan has developed a new style. Xiaolan has implemented the "five-one" mechanism for projects, built capable forces to serve enterprises, created three platforms for entrepreneur training, R&D matching and enterprise exchanges, and promoted the transformation of the epidemic control network into the enterprise service network, to finish the "last mile" for enterprise service.

Xiaolan has created new space. Xiaolan demolished 1,353 mu of low-efficiency industrial plants in 2022, ranking first in Zhongshan, and completed a 1,000,000-square-meter relocation park. This year, Xiaolan will consolidate at least 3,000 mu of low-efficiency industrial land, and build at least 1 million square meters of high-standard plants to make room for the development of quality industries.

Xiaolan has opened up a new prospect. Xiaolan has brought the government and enterprises together to seek common development. The Party committee and the government have earmarked a financial fund of 50 million yuan, and released the support measures for the high-quality development of Xiaolan's manufacturing sector, to support manufacturers in growing bigger and stronger. Jianhua Holdings has returned to Zhongshan. Lanju, Danone, Vatti and Aoni Electronics plan to build "lighthouse factories" in Zhongshan.

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