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[Video] A glimpse into world of Chinese youth culture
Updated: 2023-05-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

As night falls, drums are beating and something stirs. Called by the music, people gather together to let off steam after the working week. Their music has also inspired Donald Kepple, a musician from New Zealand.

During his 12 years of living in Zhongshan, Donald has witnessed the evolution of SunLive Space, under the guidance and vision of Andy Chen. Donald is a loyal fan. In the past ten years, the space has experienced four relocations and survived the past three difficult years.

Tonight, four major bands from Zhongshan perform together. Their sound and energy pour across the language barrier, giving Donald a strong sense of the city's sound and feeling. He hears the voice of Chinese original rock music and is welcomed into the inner world of the local people.

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