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[Video] Kiwi and his post-rock band Tempest in ZS
Updated: 2023-07-21    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Donald Kepple, a musician from New Zealand, founded Tempest Band with his wife Judy Guan in 2012. They both come from a classical music background but also have a very explosive style. They like to make a huge powerful noise and be as creative as they can. Their "instrumental post-rock" music often starts with slow heavily repeated grooves, rising and exploding into showers of sound after around 6-8 minutes.


Donald Kepple

Zhongshan is Judy's hometown. Donald have lived here for 12 years. The longer he lives here, the more involved he becomes in the annual cycles and events. He started to feel a connection to the land so he started writing music that reflects this.


Show at Qichuang Digital Culture Industrial Park

Every time he performs is a personal journey of discovery of the instrument. He says he's not making New Zealand or Chinese music, but making "Zhongshan" music. It really inspires him and gives voice to the vision of his life here.


Donald is making "Zhongshan" music.

Translated by Liao Wei, Gan Ying; Edited by Li Jing

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