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[AI+LIFE HACKS] Where do Cantonese hide their dragons
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Expact's Journal: The Spirit of the Dragonboat Festival

After the races, the racing boats are stored in the silty water of the river during the seasons they are not used. This is supposed to preserve them and keep them in good condition for the races. The digging up and cleaning is a ritual event of itself, taking many days to make sure it is shiny and match-fit. The dragon head and tail are usually blessed in at the local temple and ceremonially re-installed on the boat itself after the "dragon boat raising". Some fresh green leaves are lodged into the dragon’s mouth as a symbol of vitality and time to prepare food. 

Of course, in such a large country, I come across many different and varying traditions, even between neighbouring villages. But this is part of the fun of being here. When my family and friends back in New Zealand ask me about traditions. I need to clarify that what I have experienced is not necessarily the definitive style across the country. I have found there are very few things that can be said to be universally Chinese traditions that are the same across such a vast culture. There is always variety within every tradition and there is a simple beauty of discovering the many layers within. Much like a lotus flower opening up to reveal untold complexity.

I think this is the true essence of these festivals. Not so much the events themselves but the coming together of people and sharing experiences, food and joy. It took many years for me to get into this spirit. At first you attend such events as an outsider and a spectator and think "ok, cool, and then what? Is that it?". It takes being embedded into the culture and society to get a sense of the atmosphere. When you turn up to these events and randomly bump into many friends and acquaintances, then you really feel the spirit of the Dragonboat festival.

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