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11 shared culture centers open to public for free
Updated: 2020-01-02    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Dasheng Ceramic Culture Center.

Chinese traditional medicine preparation, acupuncture, bone setting therapy...The Chinese Traditional Medicine area on the first floor of Zhongshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Center shows the origin, development and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. Entering the area, you'll feel like you are traveling back in time. The thousands of years of development history and the intangible cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine are "hidden" in this antique exhibition hall.

A few days ago, Zhongshan opened 11 shared culture centers to the public, showing the characteristics and essence of Zhongshan's history, culture and art in multiple aspects.

At the beginning of 2019, Zhongshan issued the Plan for the Construction of Zhongshan Pilot Shared Culture Center and selected 6 A-level shared culture centers, 2 B-level shared culture centers and 3 C-level shared culture centers.

These venues will combine their own businesses, functions and characteristics to set up permanent public cultural service projects and shared characteristic cultural service projects. They will open and share public cultural service space free of charge, and provide various rich and colorful public welfare or low-profit cultural services to the public.

List of Zhongshan's first batch of shared culture centers

A-level shared culture centers

Zhongshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Center

● Shared projects: Culture Center, Xiangshan Medicinal Botanic Garden, etc.

Dasheng Ceramic Culture Center

● Shared projects: Ceramic Art Exhibition Area, Dasheng Cultural Corridor, Master Studio, etc.

Mahogany Carving Culture Center

● Shared projects: traditional performance, public welfare exhibition, public welfare lecture, wood carving experience, etc.

Xiangshan Cantonese Opera Culture Center

● Shared projects: Cantonese Opera Audio and Video Expo Hall, Cantonese Opera Culture Exhibition Room, Cantonese Opera Training and Rehearsal Hall, etc.

Chinese Tunic Suit Culture Center

● Shared projects: image-text exhibition themed with Chinese tunic suit historical development, Chinese tunic suit culture theme discussion, traditional clothing seminar, social education activities, VIP reception room, and other public welfare cultural theme activities, etc.

Yuanyi Agilawood Culture Center

● Shared projects: lecture on agallochum planting and agilawood resin production, introduction of Chinese incense culture, incense ceremony, experience of using incense, promotion of Chinese culture, and public welfare cultural theme activities

B-level shared culture centers

Lijing Garden Folk Custom and Chinese Fork Art Culture Center

● Shared projects: inheritance and promotion of Sun Yat-sen's Culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, Sun Yat-sen's Cultural Theme Hall, Hall of Sun Yat-sen and Xiangshan Celebrities, West District New Era Civilization Practice Station (Good People Hall), and Yueyun Hall Chinese Fork Art Culture Center, etc.

Chinese Zither Art Popularization Culture Center

● Shared projects: teaching, popularization, gallery and lecture about the Chinese Zither

C-level shared culture centers

Qinggong Village Art Training and Culture Center

● Shared projects: book reading and sharing meeting, exhibition, open cultural and entertainment venue, public welfare library, movie appreciation, and public welfare lecture for parents

Xiangshan Embroidery Culture Center

●Shared projects: inheritance and promotion of Chinese excellent culture, art appreciation, exhibition, and entrepreneurship public welfare fair, etc.

East District Street Dance Culture Center

●Shared projects: street dance culture promotion, art appreciation, training, performance, lectures, competitions, and cultural tourism project, etc.

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