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Upgraded Party building theme park in East District unveiled
Updated: 2021-07-02    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

In addition to the Maizhepu Uprising Ruins Monument, the upgraded East District Party Building Theme Park has added many new facilities including a Party history corridor, an exhibition of historical figures, and a bulletin board. The newly-unveiled park vividly displays the history of the Maizhepu Uprising and the highlights of the Party building work in East District.

A campaign were launched on the same day, and a roadmap of the CPC's establishment and history was issued for the first time. The hand-drawn map shows more than 50 Party education sites including the Party-Masses service centers (stations), Party member education bases and Party building parks in East District.

A total of 11 Party history tour routes were announced. Citizens can visit these places to participate in activities and learn more about the Party. From July 1 to July 30, citizens can go to the Party-Masses Service Center nearby to complete specific tasks, and after collecting 5 stamps they can get a badge as a souvenir.

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