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Zhongshan announces 'Top 10 Red Tourism Routes'
Updated: 2021-07-05    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau on July 1 announced Zhongshan's Top 10 Red Tourism Routes, including the "Hometown of Dr Sun Yat-sen", "Beautiful Countryside", "Mountains and Forests", "Watertown Landscape", "Marks of Reform", "Prosperous Central City", "Hometown of Overseas Chinese", "Battlefield Ruins", "Red Tourism in Longdu", and "Amazing Shatian" routes.

These 10 routes stretch across Nanlang Town, Wuguishan District, Banfu Town, Sanxiang Town, Shiqi District, South District, West District, Torch Development Zone, Shaxi Town, Dachong Town, Huangpu Town, Fusha Town, Sanjiao Town and Minzhong Town and cover more than 70 scenic spots, red tourism spots and villages.

Specifically, the Hometown of Dr Sun Yat-sen route covers the former residences of Dr Sun Yat-sen, Yang Yin and Yang Rishao and Yang Rizhang, the Zhongshan Studio City, Litoujian Mountain, the 1911 Revolution Memorial Park, Shimen Village, and the Zhongshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery.

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