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Fu Sha Li, a new internet-famous site in Zhongshan
Updated: 2021-10-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Fu Sha Li, located on Yonghong Street, Fusha Town, has become a new internet-famous site in Zhongshan. With unique designs, it has attracted many tourists since its completion in August this year.

The Fu Sha Li buildings were the former office buildings of the Fusha Town Government that were completed in 1977. Since 1994, after the completion of the new town government, they stepped down from the stage of history. Some buildings here were later used as a hospital and a police station.

In 2021, a post-80s couple Liang Haowen and Su Lifang who run a beverage shop found this place. After two months of repair and renovation, the old buildings are now once again full of vitality and turned into a place close to nature and suitable for leisure.

"In the future, Fu Sha Li will add coffee shops, light food restaurants, handicraft workshops, entertainment and family activity venues and others in order to combine such elements as light outdoor activity, ecology, art, culture and environmental protection with shopping experience." Liang Haowen said.

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