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Sanxiang Konghou Culture Museum to open in late July
Updated: 2024-07-08    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Sanxiang Konghou Culture Museum, jointly founded by the company Zhongshan Jiabao Culture Investment with Huang Yiqi, who is known as "the first in China to reshape the playable (Tang) vertical konghou" and his wife Xu Bilan, also a Tang vertical konghou player, was completed on July 4 and will open to the public in late July.


The 3-storey museum is situated on the left side of the art square in Yongmo Village.

The first floor has show rooms displaying essential tools for the making of konghou, an ancient plucked stringed instrument in China, as well as displaying various cultural creative products inspired by the konghou.


In the exhibition hall on the second floor, most of the konghou exhibits are from the collection of or recovered by Huang Yiqi and Xu Bilan. Currently, they are working on the making of ancient vertical konghou, horizontal konghou, phoenix-headed konghou and unearthed konghou based on murals and semi-physical objects. Xu is also conducting research on konghou restoration and performance.

The third floor is for the study and exchange of konghou culture, where Xu Bilan share and exchange ideas with other konghou lovers. A research and study course on konghou culture is also under preparation.

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