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Quarry turns into ecological park
Updated: 2017-08-08    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

“It's beautiful. We can take one more photo here”, said Mr. Li. On August 4th, Mr. Li, who lives in Shiqi District, took his wife-to-be and photographers to the Cuihu Park in Tsuihang New District for wedding photos.

Three years ago, things like this were unimaginable. Cuihu Park was a deserted quarry with a depth of over 70m at that moment, and turned into fishponds, lotus root ponds, vegetable fields and wastelands later. Now, the former deserted quarry has become a fashionable ecological park, where people can have fun, play sports and take wedding photos. 

Cuihu Park is located in the core area of Tsuihang New District, covering 2,100 mu. Cuihu Lake, which covers 800mu and a water depth of 75m, is the most beautiful scenery here. In addition, there are beautiful waterside sceneries, and grass and various kinds of flowers and tress. High-end sports facilities are the most popular among young people. There are 5 standard basketball courts, 1 football and tennis court and round-lake racetracks of 1.8 km within the park.

Now, 3 wetland parks are under construction in Tsuihang New District. One of them will be a wetland park at state level. It will be located in west waterway of Hengmen in Nanlang town, with a planned area of 625.6 hectares and wetland ratio of 63.21%. Currently, the park is in the first phase of construction and will be open to the public in February in 2019.

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