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Wuguishan section of Shiqi-Macao Ancient Road expected to reopen in May
Updated: 2019-04-24    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A section of Shiqi-Macao Ancient Road in Wuguishan District.[File photo/Zhongshan Daily]

The Wuguishan section of the Shiqi-Macao Ancient Road was closed for maintenance and improvement in late February this year. Up to now, 70% of the total project has been completed and the section is expected to be open again in May.

At the entrance of the Wuguishan section, the 600-square-meter large entrance square is basically completed. In the future, multiple featured landscapes will be built here along with a cultural wall. In the meantime, surrounding greenery will be improved and an original building will be converted into a public toilet.

The construction period was around 3 months. The mountaineering pathways will be upgraded with old techniques used for building flagstone road, block stone road and sandstone road. Guard bars and protective slopes will also be added to the pathways for safety purpose.

The construction unit will in addition plant local greening varieties along the ancient road. Meanwhile, plant information placards will be erected to make people get plant knowledge when they are hiking. Besides, the project also includes protective repairs on the ancient remains along the road, such as the monument of Shiying Bridge, Yunjing Temple and tea-booth, Tongqu Earth Temple, etc.

"It rains frequently these days. There are a lot of places awaiting repair, but some tourists still enter the construction areas. We want to remind the public not to wander around these areas in case of danger." An official representative of Wuguishan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said.

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