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'Touring around Zhongshan' with a mobile phone
Updated: 2020-10-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

With the All-for-one Smart Tourism Guide system, which can be can be accessed through the WeChat account of the Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau (id: gdzstour), people now can obtain comprehensive tourism information about Zhongshan.

All-for-one Smart Tourism Guide is Zhongshan's first intelligent tourism system designed in coordination with the comprehensive tourism network. With HTML5 technology, it presents major information of scenic spots, tourist communications, special delicacies, accommodation, parking lots and restrooms in Zhongshan for tourists.

The All-for-one Smart Tourism Guide system has included information on 78 scenic spots (including parks and former residences of celebrities), 53 public cultural venues, 8 recommended travel routes, 73 travel agencies, 15 theme parks and 23 traffic notices, attracting nearly 20,000 views.

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