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Images: Beauty of overseas Chinese hometown
Updated: 2021-05-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The "Zhongshan Cultural Heritage Trails" - A Collection of Stories and Artifacts Relating to Overseas Chinese Cultural Heritage in South District activity came to a successful conclusion on May 15. An interview group composed of representatives from nearly 10 of mainstream media organizations visited Shachong Ma Zaiming Memorial Hall, Ma Leshan Studio, Zhuxiuyuan Park, Local Chronicles Museum, Zhan's Garden, the Former Residence of Yang Xianyi in Beitai Village, Caobian School, Temple of the Queen of Heaven, Wuhou Temple and other places in South District to record vivid cultural practices of the beautiful countryside.


Lin Jiahong, a media professional from Zhuhai City, said that he saw the unique historical and cultural scenery of South District, one of the hometowns of overseas Chinese, and learned about the protection and active utilization of overseas Chinese buildings there.


It is reported that Guangdong has released the list of the first batch of Historical and Cultural Trails in Guangdong, and three routes in Zhongshan made the list, including the Sun Yat-sen Cultural Heritage Trail, Overseas Chinese Cultural Heritage Trail, and Shiqi-Macao Ancient Road Cultural Heritage Trail.


South District is home to a number of cultural attractions with distinctive historical characteristics and customs of overseas Chinese.


Old buildings tell ancient stories to tourists.


Wandering about the streets and experiencing local cultural customs. [Photos by Zhangqian]

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