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Images: Country life at Yanheju House
Updated: 2021-08-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

South District, known as "Liangdu" in ancient times, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Zhongshan. There are over 2,000 houses belonging to overseas Chinese, and they are a precious heritage to South District, bearing the homesickness of Zhongshan overseas Chinese. In recent years, some of these houses have been repaired and reactivated into cultural centers of local communities. Yanheju House is one of the representatives.


Huang Liuyan, the owner of Yanheju House, pictured the rural life in the future on the top of the house, November 9, 2019.


Huang Liuyan was playing on a swing on the roof of the newly completed house, August 7, 2020.



Employees of Yanheju House took photos with the house before (April 27, 2019) and after (August 7, 2020) renovation.


After finishing a flower arrangement class, Huang Liuyan took photos with students, August 4, 2021.


A villager shared freshly picked wild honeysuckle with Huang Liuyan, April 27, 2019.


A tea ceremony class was held for primary school students, November 9, 2019.


Tourists were drawing pictures inside Yanheju House, November 29, 2019.

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