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Lanbian Village: 600-year-old village
Updated: 2022-10-17    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Lanbian Village has jurisdiction over six smaller villages: Nantang, Chadong, Chaxi, Pushan, Chikan, and Xijiangli.

"It is named Lanbian due to its location along the coastline with wild olive trees growing near the shore. The village has a history of at least 600 years", said Lin Jincheng the Lanbian Village Party secretary.

Lin, a middle-aged who loves local culture, has lived in Lanbian for more than 20 years. On the day of the interview, he took us on a tour of his hometown. Along the way, he introduced the village's historical figures, customs, stories, relics, and its achievements in rural development.

It is introduced that most of Lanbian's fellow villagers now live in Honolulu, Cuba, Peru, Panama and Ecuador.


Lanbian Village has jurisdiction over six smaller villages. The photo shows the archway of Xiaoyi Lane in Chikan Village.


The Chen's ancestral temples in Chadong Village are key national heritage conservation sites.


The history exhibition hall of Nantang Village displays a large number of stories about the lives of many overseas Chinese people from the village.


The twin watchtowers in Nantang Village bear abundant memories.

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