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Zhongshan's 1st anti-drug-themed forest unveiled
Updated: 2023-03-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A staff member is hanging a warning sign on a newly-planted tree.

The Zhongshan Narcotics Control Office, together with the Zhongshan Natural Resources Bureau, the Forestry Branch of the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau and the Narcotics Control Committee of Minzhong District, organized a tree planting activity at the anti-drug theme park in Xinping Village and unveiled the first anti-drug-themed forest in Zhongshan on March 16.

In the morning, anti-drug police, staff members, anti-drug social workers and volunteers assembled at the planting site with shovels and buckets, and worked together to plant more than 20 saplings.

Then the participant unveiled the first anti-drug-themed forest in Zhongshan, and gave out pamphlets to the public to promote anti-drug knowledge.

Next, narcotics control departments in Zhongshan will work together to improve the greening as well as the recreational and fitness facilities around the anti-drug-themed forest.

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