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Images: Blossoms across Zhongshan city
Updated: 2023-03-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

In March, there are colorful and romantic scenes everywhere in Zhongshan. Bright red bougainvillea glabra and kapok, golden handroanthus chrysanthus and mecardonia procumbens, orange red pyrostegia venusta, fuchsia mucuna birdwoodiana and bauhinia…are in full bloom. The city is perfumed with the fragrance of flowers that are telling the stories of the spring.


Mucuna birdwoodiana is in full bloom in Tianxin Forest Park. (By Miao Xiaojian on Mar 16)


Fiery red kapok in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Secondary School. (By Wang Yun on Mar 10)


Bauhinia variegate with distinctive charm along Taiping Road, Shiqi District. (By Wang Yun on Mar 9)


Myriad-colored azalea in Zimaling Park. (By Miao Xiaojian on Mar 13)


The shutterbugs are shooting orchids at an auto show. (By Miao Xiaojian on Mar 17)


Nearly 10,000 handroanthus chrysanthus trees are in full blossom in Yunti Mountain Park. (By Yi Chengle on Mar 1)


Visitors are admiring flowers under trees in Tianxin Forest Park. (By Miao Xiaojian on Mar 1)

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