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CMG program in Zhongshan Museum
Updated: 2023-05-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


May 18 marks International Museum Day. On May 17, Great! Greater Bay, a special program of China Media Group, started its Seacon 2 at Zhongshan Museum.

"Immerse yourself in Xiangshan's history of business development at the Zhongshan History Exhibition Hall and the Zhongshan History Museum of Overseas Chinese, listen to the dialogue between Xiangshan people and the world, visit the dialect wall, have tea at a teahouse, try out a telegraph, answer a call from across the ocean…" That day, the hosts of Radio The Greater Bay, together with students from Hong Kong and Macao, took the audience into the history and culture of Xiangshan.

The Zhongshan Museum complex includes the new Zhongshan Museum, the China Radio Museum of Zhongshan and others, with a total floor area of 25,000 square meters. Over the past year since its opening, Zhongshan Museum has received over 450,000 visitors, held over 2,000 free lectures, and hosted nearly 300 social education activities.

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