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Visit new attractions in Shenwan Town
Updated: 2023-08-14    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

'First Sight · Zhaxi' Campsite


The "First Sight · Zhaxi" Campsite is near the north entrance to Shenwan's Yaji Mountain Forest Park. With an area of 9 mu, the campsite leans against Guyou Reservoir and is surrounded by mountains.


The campsite develops and offers simple meals and private home dishes made of Shenwan pineapples.


Time Campsite

In Shenwan's Modao Island, the Time Campsite covering more than 3,500 square meters in the Blue Town · Xiangshan Small Town residential community has recently become a new tourist favorite.


The campsite is close to the Xijiang River and tidal flat wetlands. Flocks of egrets fly against sunset glow, presenting a poetic and enchanting picture.


Rising hot air balloons, lawn bazaar, Hong Kong Music Live Shows… Various novel activities here are all fresh treats to tourists.


'Dragon in Shenwan' Forest Book Cafe

The 'Dragon in Shenwan' Forest Book Cafe is at the south entrance to the Yaji Mountain Forest Park. With an area of 200 square meters, the huge glass house provides a lounge for visitors coming for pineapple picking and mountaineering.


The cafe also serves as a tourist distribution center to provides free travel consulting and other diversified services.


Shenwan Museum of Overseas Chinese History and Culture

Completed in January 2023, the Shenwan Museum of Overseas Chinese History and Culture will become a distinctive icon of overseas Chinese culture and a popular tourist destination.



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